Hotel & Spa design – HOST 2011

The AGORA’HS installation lounge bar restaurant has its roots in the classical Mediterranean culture where the signs, the atmospheres are reinterpreted in a modern way through innovations and technologies.

Agora’Hs is the town square, meeting place, trading, business and relax, where time has not stood still but is constantly moving and turns, spreads through the funhouse mirror walls and white furniture.

The Total White space is surrounded by green vegetation that borders and crown the spaces enriching them with natural emotion.

The Magic Walk projections, holographs and touch screen, shapes the environment by filling it with communicative contents that marks and covers the space to receive visitors, to lose the relationship of space and time and plunge them into new sweet memories, between columns and vaults synthesized with large umbrellas.

A place of clear Mediterranean sign, simple but rich in emotions, is the good Italian that from the rich tradition is projected into a sustainable future full of research and passion.